Northern Lite

Northern Lite Truck CampersMan has never been able to improve on the many wonders of nature which the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis)epitomizes. Northern Lite’s innovative design and engineering has resulted in an ultra-light camper, structurally laminated and aerodynamically crafted, to give maximum strength and insulation properties. Its richly polished natural oak interiors blend with fine upholstery and decorator wall panels. These creative designs and easily adaptable to all makes and models of imports and domestic trucks.

Northern Lite Truck Campers For Sale:

* Batteries, LP filled, and truck rigging not included in price

2016 Northern Lite 10-2 EX RR Dry Bath #2316

Promotion pkg, 10′ side awning, 5000R fantastic fan, gas/ electric water heater, electric jacks, privacy drapes, rear bumper patio, removable carpet, stereo w/ DVD player, TV antenna

Fits most 350/3500 long bed trucks

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Sale Price $41,995


 2016 Northern Lite 10’2″ EXCD #5116SE

All special edition options, gas/ electric water heater

Fits most 250/2500 and up long bed trucks

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 Sale Price $42,995


 2016 Northern Lite 9’6″ QC #4916SE

All special edition options, gas/ electric water heater, microwave

Fits most 250/2500 and up long bed trucks

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 Sale Price $39,995


 2016 Northern Lite 8’11” Queen Classic SE #5816

Gas/electric water heater, microwave, AC ready

Fits most 250/2500 and up short bed trucks

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 Sale Price $39,800



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